Supportive bank card

You may delight others with your bank card purchases without incurring any costs.

Our CDP Card program gives you the opportunity to support important social issues with the help of your MasterCard bank card. In order to support an issue, all you need to do is use your MagNet bank card to make purchases. After your purchase, we automatically support the nonprofit organization of your choice. The usual routine tasks – such as weekend shopping – gain new meaning, since by every bank card purchase you donate money as well.

How can you support others?

To participate in the program, you must obtain a MasterCard bank card issued by our bank, and have NetBank access. You may select the nonprofit organization you wish to support by clicking the “marking the nonprofit organization I wish to support” button under the heading “CDP Card program” in the menu of the NetBank system.

Request a MasterCard bank card and NetBank access

Select the CDP Card program in the NetBank system

Mark the nonprofit organization
you wish to support

Our bank will transfer the amount which can be traced in the NetBank system

What kind of organizations can you support?

With your bank card purchases you can support public benefit foundations, associations and non-profit social organizations that serve social causes with their volunteer work. You select the nonprofit organization you wish to support in the NetBank system where you may review the complete list.