What makes us a community bank?

10 facts

you should know about MagNet Bank:
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    We have been operating profitably for over 25 years as the largest financial institution in 100% Hungarian private ownership.

  2. 2

    Insane but true: in 2019 we have been awarded the Socially Responsible Bank of the Year forever Award by MasterCard.

  3. 3

    We calculate our clients’ contribution to the bank’s annual profit and, uniquely in Hungary, we share this information with them on an annual basis.

  4. 4

    Our clients choose which nonprofit organizations to support with 10% of the bank’s profit. Community Donation Program
    Community Donation Program

  5. 5

    Our retail clients decide themselves how much fee they would like to pay for their account management.
    "Pay as you like" account management (PAUL)

  1. 6

    Our clients can support useful social initiatives with their card purchases from the bank’s money.
    Supportive bank card

  2. 7

    Our clients may support useful social initiatives using the money of the bank by way of their bank card purchases.
    Mentor, Sector page

  3. 8

    By our MENTOR and SECTOR community products and with the participation of our depositors, we reduce the loan burden borne by socially beneficial projects

  4. 9

    In the course of credit scoring, we apply positive screening measures to those projects which have a beneficial impact on our society and environment.

  5. 10

    Our goals are societal engagement based on transparency and education in order to raise financial awareness.

Civil Relations Program

Supportive bank card

You may support important social issues by your bank card purchases without incurring any cost.

Community Donation Program

We support nonprofit organizations by 10% of the bank’s profit based on the decision of our clients.

Community Donation Program

Would you like to perform a good deed every day? Would you like to support the operation of a public benefit company or a public benefit company with special legal status in a way that does not cost you any money?

CDP vote

Within the framework of the Community Donation Program, in 2017 the clients of MagNet Bank had the opportunity to decide for the 8th time to which Hungarian nonprofit organization to donate 10% of their portion of profit calculated on the basis of the profit calculation model.

You may dispose of your portion of profit on the Hungarian language website or via the internet banking system during the voting period.

Sending an information letter to all of our clients

Selecting the project of a nonprofit organization on the website

Donating money to the project by entering an individual code

Community Deposits and Loans

Community Deposits and Loans

You can support community objectives by choosing Mentor or Sector deposits. These deposits can be tied up without restrictions and may provide you with an interest even up to the prevailing prime rate of the Hungarian National Bank.


By Mentor community deposits, our clients are entitled to provide certain projects with favorable loan opportunities, while the deposit owner is entitled to normal market deposit interest, at his/her own choice. Thus, our clients provide resources by their deposits to local businesses operating in line with the principles of sustainability.


Tie up a deposit.

Select a loan recipient.

The bank will support the loan recipient and its project.


By Sector community deposits, our clients may provide favorable loan opportunities to entire business sectors, such as green energy, environmental protection and nature conservation, creation of jobs, research and development, healthcare and social services, culture and education, or bio-agriculture. The deposit owners may also determine the interest on their deposits within a broad range.

Tie up a deposit.

Choose the field, sector that you like the most.

The bank will support the loan recipient and its project.

What do we believe in ?

We work towards establishing a value-driven society. We link the participants. We make the money flow and individual decision alternatives more transparent, thus we make personal impacts visible. We bring the opportunity to take responsibility, thus we create healthier relations concerning money.

By our Community Donation Program, “Pay as you like”account management (PAUL), bankcards supporting social issues, community deposit and loan products and a balanced profit approach of the owners.

Even your everyday decisions have a great influence - it is important how you decide. With us, you can change the way you relate to money.