Downtown Community Point

It is the most original bank location, so they say.
Just what we wanted!

At the beginning of November, MagNet Bank opened its reinterpreted downtown branch office in District V to the public, which, both in its function and design, differs from any conventional locations of the banking sector. You may find a fair trade bio café, community point supporting civil initiatives and a branch office of the bank here, where it is both comfortable to manage your finances and live your social life. At the same time the location was opened, our Community Bank came out with its new responsive website.

The basic idea of replanning was, in the spirit of MagNet, to eliminate the desk between the banking consultant and the client and to enable a peer-to-peer, informal connection between these parties in a friendly environment. Therefore, while our bank colleagues and their customers are watching the shared screen of a notebook, by its help, the clients may learn to manage most of the transactions available in our NetBank.

Gábor Pozsonyi Deputy Chief Executive Officer of MagNet Bank said: “The key aspect of the renewed Community Point for me is that it offers an informal atmosphere between the customer and the bank. Practically speaking, this is what community banking is all about.” I do not use “branch office” on purpose, as me and my colleagues have imagined such a place where it is not only a great experience to manage finances, but where we would gladly stop by when looking for an appropriate location for a business breakfast, or drink a hot chocolate with our children if the weather is chilly at the adjacent playground of Olimpia Park.”

Ecocafe offers special coffee drinks at our location. Its coffee specialties are made of coffee beans originating from fair trade and organic farms with the Italian La Marzocco’s coffee machines considered globally to be the best manufacturer. Green coffee comes from, among others, the organic farms of Ethiopia, Guatemala, Colombia, Peru, Sumatra and Galapagos Islands, which is brought to perfection by an experienced roastmaster. In this way, guests get the freshest and best quality roasted coffee possible. Besides coffee, organic pastries, smoothies and other healthy delicacies await our visitors.

Petra Nikoletti and the team of Térkultúra designed the interior, who have created a youthful, innovative space with unique design furniture, and who have also helped to make the banking and dining zones to become an organic whole. “At the planning stage, it was an important requirement of MagNet to use as much natural and recycled material as possible. This is why we decided, in a rather unusual manner, to place living trees in the café, next to the green walls, just as we planted two high ash trees for the community of this neighbourhood. People entering the place would not even suspect that approximately 2,220 plastic bottles are hidden in the interior, as most of the chairs are made of them. We have also taken into special consideration to create a liveable environment for children by building a innovative play corner for them.”

And what does it have to do with a superhero on the wall? The social mission of the Community Bank appears in the interior, that is we, the everyday heroes can redeem the world by way of a paradigm shift. We are aware how a community may reform its environment, so it is our responsibility to offer such social initiatives that people would be pleased to join. For instance, at our Balassi Bálint street location, we give a helping gift to our guests after every tenth coffee ordered, which they can take away and give it to fellow human beings having more difficult times in their lives. We use the pecuniary support we receive from apples sold in our Pay-as-You-Like system each time to help the civil society organization of the month.

And before we forget: just as all of our other branch offices, the Downtown Community Point is a dog friendly location as well, so quadruped pets are also welcome!

Where to find us? 9-11 Balassi Bálint street, District V ( opposite to Olimpia Park)

Opening hours: our bank office is open from Monday to Thursday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. and on Friday between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., while the café is not only open on weekdays but also on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The spirit of our Community Point inspired us to launch SmartUp!, the new internship program of the Bank. College students who participate in the program may gain experience in two professions at a time during a six-month period, and they may receive a banking consultant and also a chartered barista qualification at the end of their internship.

Simultaneously with our downtown location, the virtual space of the Bank is also renewed. As a result of this, the NetBank, which is considered to be, according to previous surveys, “the most popular Internet banking interface among its clients" will be accessible from a new, responsive interface, i.e. those interested in our Bank can browse the website designed by Possibile (formerly known as Carnation) handily on their mobile phones or tablets.

Visitors of our new website will be able to retrieve information an even more transparent way on e.g. their savings gathered in their community deposits and its impact on the socially beneficial projects financed by the Bank, or on civil initiatives that may be supported in the Community Donation Program. The website offers tailor-made solutions by the help of its calculators for those who wish to choose a bank account, a credit or deposit product. Shortly, those considering community banking will be able to request information through video chat from the colleagues of our Bank, and they will be able to request online the opening of their bank account through this interface.