Bank account and bankcard

We offer our Civil bank account package for dedicated civil society organization. Account management is free of charge and other fee items are also favorable. 

We provide free NetBank usage with the account package and MasterCard PayPass type embossed bankcards can be requested. By using the bankcard our clients can support civil society organizations selected by them, from the bank’s money. 

For details please visit the Hungarian language homepage, or get in touch with us, you can also request a callback from our customer service.

Deposits and Loans

As a community bank, we endeavour to link our deposit owners and loan recipients in order to help each other. By way of community deposits, our deposit owners may support a specific loan recipient or a certain field of operation of their own choice with their money deposited in the bank. The bank undertakes to allocate loans from the deposit solely for the specified purpose, thus our deposit owners can be certain that their money serves a good cause. 

By way of our community loans, the loan recipients may receive reductions in the financial burden which they have to bear when the deposit owners tie up their savings in community deposits.

Besides community deposit and loan products, we also offer traditional deposit and loan schemes to our retail clients.

For details, please visit the Hungarian language website, contact us or request a call back from our customer service.